Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funny Funny and Funny Some more!!

Allrighty then, Let us practitioners of Yoga not take ourselves to serious. Check out this site I still need to spend more time there...Laugh, have fun, see yourself and me too and keep in truckin', somehow slightly askew with your yoga, and I in my teaching.HHHAAAAUUUUUHHHMMMMMMMMM.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

" All Is Not What It Seems"

I was watching The Karate Kid the other day, and the young charge gets angry and frustrated after having to paint a huge wooden fence with certain arm stokes as directed by his teacher. He finally walks away in disgust thinking he is just being used as a maintenance man. Then the teacher leads him in a mock karate dance and the charge uses all these movements he unknowingly soaked up in his waxing on and off, painting up and down& side to side ect... " All is not what it seems." the teacher says.
I thought that Yoga can be similar. That so many of the small and foundational movements that we practice over and over have a huge long term benefit that we don't even notice right away. But, deep within changes are taking place. Immunity is strengthened, the heart is nurtured, flexibility is returning, stress that is seated deep in our cells is being squeezed out and replaced with fresh oxygen and blood flow. These are just a few Yogic benefits that are slowly taking place in the body mind.
We might wonder why we practice some of the same poses over and over. But keep the open mind, take every move and breath in without doubt that all is not what it seems.
Most of all, thank yourself for choosing Yoga, knowing that you have made the most healthful and fulfilling choice.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tapas, Change and Grace

I was thinking about 2008 and of course, New Years Resolutions. What this means is, what does it take for me to resolve to do a few things differently?
It takes self-effort, or TAPAS in Sanskrit and the willingness and openness to change. Tapas is sacrifice in order to achieve something much better at a deep level. Tapas is making a choice to step on to the Yoga mat for 20 minutes even though i want to watch Matt Lauer on the Today show.
Opening up to change, letting the grace flow through your Yoga practice, into the daily life and having the tapas or heat (inner fire) to make better decisions. Allowing the flow of grace into your life. To quote Rama Berch "Yoga is the science of Grace. You open up your body and quiet the mind so that you can tune into grace...Grace softens the edges and opens the heart. Tapas makes you able to hold the grace."
So as we head into 2008 I know I will be thinking about Grace, Change and Tapas, and using my Yoga to invite all into my being. Hopefully becoming a better teacher, parent and human being. Oh yes, and remembering to step onto the mat when i really want to see that Britney Spears story....
Peace and Namaste'