Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is what I need plastered, or should I say, lightly tattooed (theoretically) to my being at all times. I take teaching Yoga with such a huge weight and responsibility I often feel I take on the stress I try to teach students to rid themselves of!
Aren't Yoga teachers supposed to be upheld in the most high light? Calm in all situations, able to cure themselves of all physical and emotional ailments with pranayama ( breath) asana (posture), quiet turbulent minds sitting in meditation with absence of thought?
I only know that I am so very human, and in that, capable of experiencing all things that cloud my path to joy and happiness that I strife to live and experience EVERYDAY. So, even in my ego holding at times self, I do turn to yoga. I will sit in my comfy chair to quiet the mind a bit, I will go to the mat and spend even 10 minutes there to release my self doubt and judgements. Yoga does help me keep calm and carry on. Being gentle on myself and sensing what by body needs to free up my mind from the negative chatter we all let in way too much. If you continue with your yoga practice, I KNOW you will begin to feel yoga healing in your own body/mind as well.
And as I continue to teach I can only deeply pray that you, whomever reads this, whether you are a student of mine , or a practitioner of yoga in any of its many enlightening forms-can begin to KNOW and FEEL that you can keep calm and carry on too. Thanks to all that come to my classes, I learn most from you. Peace, Diane

Monday, February 4, 2008

What is GABA? And What Does Yoga Have To Do With It?

While many studies are taking place using Yoga practice as a healing agent and an expressway to pain relief, one recent study I've read deals with depression. Dr. Chris Streeter in Seattle Washington found that the levels of GABA ( okay, that is code for the brain neurotransmitter GAMMA -AMINOBUTYRIC ) were signifignatly higher after a Yoga session, whereas the control group showed no increased level.

So, that does GABA have to do with anything? Low levels of GABA are linked to mild depression and anxiety, as well as PMS symptoms. Dr. Streeter also noting that epilepsy patients are given drugs to boost GABA to calm anxiety attacks which often bring on seizures.
Can practicing Yoga twice a week calm us, make us happier, help us to deal with stress with a peaceful heart, keep our GABA levels high ( those of us/you that want scientific purpose to your yogic health benefits) to continually lift our spirits?
YES! All of this leading to a deep wellness within, always there and constant. Yogis have known this for ages, but most western minds want proof. Can we not have faith in these benefits? Just keep doing your yoga, and you will notice the difference.
Here's to high GABA GABA GABA levels and may we all be smiling more often.!!
Namaste' Diane