Sunday, December 23, 2007

" Is Your Yoga Nuturing?"

I was asked the question, "do you teach a nurturing yoga or the workout kind?" the other day. This simple thought has not left my mind since.
Here in America, we are so driven to be busy, always moving, always talking, always connected in one way or another...lest we are seen or feel like we are not achieving. Yoga too, as taken on this kind of movement. But, if done with pure intention, cultivated awareness, and some knowledge of yoga philosophy this 'workout' yoga can be nurturing too. I too realize workout yoga that DOES NOT nurture the spirit, and is practiced ONLY for the benefit of a better body is just an exercise and not YOGA.
So, as a teacher and lover of how a yoga practice has made me feel, surely i want to cultivate the sweet centering this practice has to offer. Learning to love the slow and stillness in our asana(pose) movements and creating the bliss of sitting with eyes closed with only our breath to listen to.
Is my teaching a nurturing kind? I can only pray it is, that i will always look to the student and remind myself to impart teaching from the heart not the ego...and maybe along the way we all be nurtured by yoga.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Class Times at Honey Rock and Greenback

Starting Monday, January 7th 2008 :
Intermediate Beginner Class at Greenback Yogaraj
Time : 6:00 pm - 7:30

We will continue building on alignment and new asana. As well as flow being incorporated into the class. Call me regarding this class. Some yoga experience with alignment recommended. Though we are always going back to the basics and always learning to let go of the ego in our continual Yoga practice. Always laughing and having fun along the way.

Starting Thursday, January 10th 2008:
Beginners Class at Greenback Yogaraj
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30

I welcome you all to this sweet beginners class to Yoga. We will start exploring poses from the way we stand from the base of the feet to the crown of the head. This is a learning journey. We will use any props necessary to begin. Mindfulness of movement, learning to listen to our own bodies and cultivating peace of the heart center along the way are all a part of this practice.
I always try to have fun, laugh and enjoy every class..Yoga is not supposed to be an intimidating experience or practice. See you there!


Starting Tuesday, January 8th 2008
Beginners to the "Gentle" side Yoga class :) At Honey Rock Herb Farm
Time: 8:30 am - 10:00 am

As your week begins, step onto your Yoga mat and invite the 'wellness within' as we awaken the body/mind. This class with incorporate a gentle approach, as well as learning poses with plenty of props to go easy on the body. Learning to pay attention to our bodies, limitations and how we FEEL in our Yoga will be a continual journey. This is not a 'workout' class. We will explore the nurturing of the self, while bringing openess and awareness to our minds and hearts.

Starting Wednesday, January 9th 2008
Beginners Class at Honey Rock Herb Farm
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30

Welcome to a sweet Yoga experience. This class will be learning asasa (poses) and their distinct beautiful alignments. Cultivating this as second nature. As we progress, learning to put poses together into a flow, such as the Sun Salutation. Breath work and meditation will be addressed. Becoming aware of our bodies, our minds , how we stand and FEEL in our Yoga practice will be an on going theme. I always invite laughter and smiles in my practice, as Yoga should be this deep, happy and fulfilling journey. I continually learn from my students along the way. See you there.


8 Class Package - $89.00 ( to be used within a 66 day period)
5 Class Package- $ 60.00 ( to be used within a 45 day period)
Drop in Class - $ 13.00

E mail me regarding private lessons as well.
write yoga in subject

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Classes, Greenback and Honey Rock Herb Farm

Allrighty then, let us do more yoga in 2008! I will be teaching 2 , new to yoga, classes at a wonderful site in Louisville Tn. , Honey Rock Organic Herb Farm. At this location, i will have a morning class, ( time still being pondered) and an evening class. Most likely, the morning class will be tuesday, and then a thursday evening class. We will be using props here too, beginning slow and easy. Learning alignment, learning how to slow down our internal hectic pace and just exploring the fundamentals of a yoga practice. All with a soft heart, acceptance of where we are at that moment and a smile within ( hopefully outward as well!).

Also, i will be adding a new class at the Yogaraj in Greenback on wednesday night. PLEASE , stay tuned for more details.

Step onto your mat and you will be nurturing your *wellness within*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Greatest Asana After a Feast

Supta Baddha Konasana and Thanksgiving!

Here is this wonderful time of the year where we allow the nurturing of family, food and festivities to fill our every level. Hopefully really taking in the grace and deepest thanks for all we have , right now.
When you have had your fill , this is one of my most favorite belly opening restorative asanas. You don't need bolsters or even the blankets we use at Yogaraj...grab some quilts, some pillows ,a few quite moments and you will find the space in the pelvis and belly release and open. Keep the heart open and allow reclined cobblers pose to awaken your sincere thanks for the most dearest loves in your day and nights.
Peace to all, Diane

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things are Happening

View from YOGARAJ

YOGARAJ had a birthday!
We have been the luckiest yogis, to have had a year in this beautiful 'garaj'.
With 2008 quickly eyeing us, I plan on a adding one or even two new classes.
I would love to share Yoga with many others, and I know they are out there!
More Yoga, more wellness within.
A HUGE thank you to Janet, for the generous gift of her space on her lovely hill in the country.
Here is to another year of practice.
Namaste', Diane

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Omega 'BEING YOGA' Conference

I just returned from Fort Lauderdale after attending a long weekend of Yoga immersion.
Being Yoga, the title of the event , brings up the question, how do we LIVE our yoga off the mat? How do we live with the heart, move with awareness, watch our intentions in everything we do, remain open to change, breath deeply, watch our words that exit the mouth , notice our choices , relate to our fellow spirits on this planet.
You, by attending Yoga classes every week, are taking the first step. The more you practice, the more Yoga becomes a lifestyle. You begin to feel the effects of a certain asana off the mat. You feel the cooling, the heating , the calming ,the discipline, the stamina, the openess, the love, the self.
We will begin to delve into why we are finding the practice of yoga fullfilling . What do we feel? Can we hold back in a pose so the ego does not take over? Can we slow down enough TO feel .
Let's take our yoga practice deeper. I mean, just alittle at a time. You cannot feed a baby a porkchop, you have to start her out with milk.

For the new year, I would love to work with more meditation, more breath awareness, looking into FEELING the asana...but continue being disciplined in the alignment, until it becomes second nature.
Take out your mat, step onto it with reverence, and practice something you can remember, 10 minutes...sit or lay quietly afterwards, and just notice how you feel afterwards.

YOGARAJ has now celebrated its first year. My most deepest thanks to all students that have come to class in heat and in cold. You have all taught me and continue to teach me to serve you in the most nuturing way. How can we all BE YOGA?
Peace to all. Diane

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dean Lerner yoga workshop

I just attended a weekend workshop with Master Iyengar teacher, Dean Lerner. Dean is an Advanced Iyengar Instructor, just so you know, this is NOT an easy thing to achieve. He has been teaching since 1980 as well. Having studied directly with Mr. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar , i feel it a great honor to be taught by him.
As always with an Iyengar practice, attention to the beautiful, precise details of the body were constantly addressed, all the while remaining soft and passive in the mind, eyes and heart.
We worked on foundational asana (poses) over and over. Like Tadasana ( mountain pose) , Trikonasana (triangle), Virahabdrasana 2 (warrior 2), Uttanasana ( standing forward bend), Ardha Chandrasana (half moon) and of course Sarvanghasana (shoulder balance) and Sirshasana (head balance).

These are just a few of the asasa that were addressed over the course of the weekend. With each instruction, you are expected to know the Sanskrit name for the asana as well as give your full and undivided attention. Dean will walk around the room, giving adjustments ....then stopping us to come and watch as he guides a student into the pose properly. All the while, using humor, analogies, anecdotes to further bring us all into our yoga beings. Dean has a light, but stern side, as i was admonished for touching another yogi while working on an asana in pairs. But his advice was so on and correct that i had to move forward and take his words, as if they were coming straight out of Mr. Iyengar himself.

This was my second workshop with Dean, and i will study with him again when possible. Having held my longest inversions ever, i know i grew over the weekend into a better teacher and even more dedicated to my home practice.

I would LOVE for my students to one day attend one of these deeply organic yoga learning workshops. Let us work towards more yoga in our daily lives, taking to our mats at home for even 5-10 minutes. You will see how your body/mind begins to change in positive ways. Your yoga deepens and each asana you practice, will help you in other areas of your life. It has happened to me, and with your continued practice, it will happen to you too....and we can all attend a master teacher workshop together.

peace, and namaste,